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All accidents, sickness, or injuries must be reported immediately to:

Energy Equine Insurance Agency, Inc.
320 Buckland Trace
Louisville, Kentucky 40245

Call: 1-800-999-6986 / 502-244-6986
Fax: 1-502-244-0724
Email: insequine@aol.com


Please refer to Policy for Claim Departments direct phone number.

Horse Mortality, including Surgical and Major Medical

1. Have your policy number available.
2. Report any death, illness, or injury immediately.
3. Gather the following information before reporting your claim:
  • Owners name and animals name
  • Details of loss
  • Current location of animal
  • Person to contact regarding loss and their phone number
  • Attending vetrinarians name, address, and phone number
4. Call Police Authority in case of theft or shooting.

1. Put an animal down without the consent of the company.
2. Proceed with any surgical procedure without permission.
3. Remove an animal after death until an autopsy is performed.
4. Fail to obtain a police report if necessary.


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